why are you creating directories/scanning libraries?



I am new to plex and am looking for a streaming server to play my large (8tb+) library. I have used native dlna for years and it quickly shows me a "windows" style directory listing of all my files and I can easily select the file I want to play.
One of my new tvs doesnt let me use the standard dlna browser, so I need to use a server. Unfortunately your server doesnt offer a quick way to view and select files. It wants to use its own directory and takes forever to build it.
Why don't you use the standard, always correct, windows directory structure? I don't needed icons or screens with limited number of files per page.
On first impressions, looks like plex wont work for me.


Simply add your video files to an 'Other Videos'-type of library.


Can’t you just use “folder view”?


@flamebird said:
Can't you just use "folder view"?

Folder View in a regular movie library only shows you items which are 'matched'.
So combine my tip from above with Folder view and you should be set.