Why can't I download movies for offline use in my Plex iOS app?



Everything is up to date, I can play anything streaming, but the download button is "greyed" out and unclickable. My buddy has no problem downloading on his IPhone... what gives? Any insight and help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.



Do I need the monthly Plex Pass subscription for this?


I'm having the same problem but I disconnected from wifi and went straight LTE and the movies still played. The other problem I see is that the movies show up on the Discover tab but not on the Browse tab in the Movies section.


And I have a monthly Plex Pass.


I think (and someone may correct me on this but…) that to sync the server you are connecting to has to be logged in with an account which has a PlexPass. By default if it is your own server then you are enabled for Sync but if you are sharing from someone else’ server they have to enable you for sync which can be done on the friends list by clicking the Edit pencil next to your name, clicking Restricions and turning on “Allow Sync”


How can I test to see if anything will play


Why I can't log on to on my app on plex onscreen on, my iPad I need a pin for my account Kandahar can you resend activation mailin account tplese raccount rply arsap!
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