Why do Echo devices appear to be outside my home?



Plex doesn't show a network address for Alexa (at least not when playing music) but Tautulli does. Interestingly, Tautulli shows Alexa as coming from a WAN IP address (owned by Amazon Technologies Inc. according to whois) even though my Plex and Alexa devices are all on the same home LAN. Does that mean that Amazon is actually streaming the music from my Plex server and then re-streaming it to my Alexa device? Does anyone know, or is it time to install Wireshark on my Plex server and start digging in to its traffic?

FWIW, for all other devices in my home (Rokus, computer web browsers, cell phones on WiFi) Tautulli shows an address from my home network, so I think the IP address is a real thing ... unless Plex (or Tautulli) is intentionally changing it, which I seriously doubt.


The IP that Tautulli shows comes from the timeline updates that the client sends. In the case of Alexa that’s coming from the cloud service running on AWS, even if you Alexa device is streaming via the LAN.


OK. I don’t know what timeline updates are, but it seems that you are telling me that the Echo device is reporting the wrong IP address as its data source, is that correct? If so, I think that fact should be reported to either Amazon or the Echo Plex skill authors (or both?), depending on which piece of software is responsible for the incorrect information.


No. The way Alexa works, the commands actually come from Amazon and tells the device what to do. The timeline is what Plex uses to track what is playing and it’s current progress. Typical Plex clients report directly back to PMS so it’s local IP is what gets identified. For Alexa, the device itself does not report back to PMS, Amazon does, so when looking at the progress, it will shows as coming from some outside IP, because it is.