Why does it have to transcode code to sync for offline?



My plex player on iOS plays a movie just fine but when I try to take it off-line it has to transcode the file, I have a very low power Plex server so it can’t be transcoding when I play it on the iOS device over my network, so why does it have to transcode to sync it to my iPad?

For A two hour concert video I gave up after 40 minutes of a transcoding what’s the point of being able to offload stuff if it’s going to take forever to download it.

I thought if I just off-line something it would just copy down the file to my iPad, can someone tell me what I’m missing.?

Also the file formats I have on my Plex server I can use other applications and just copying to my iPad and they play.

Am I missing a setting that tells it not the TransCanada just download the file?