Why does my Sync keep reverting to Internal storage?



I want to use my external SD card for syncing.
I set it up to use my external storage and setup a limit of 20 GB.
It works for a while, then items stop syncing. I look at my sync status and it says out of storage....then I look at where it's syncing and Plex switched back to using internal storage on it's own.

Why is Plex reverting back to using Internal storage. This has happened to me 4 times now.


You aren't the only one, I think the devs are tracking this issue.




Same problem.

Sync bring the only reason to have a Plex pass imo, you'd think it could be less consistent with the whole "being horrible" thing.


Same problem and this is the third time. The really frustrating part is that it deletes all stored data. Switching it back to external means I have to resync all my media again! I have even tried reformatting the card and ran a diagnostic on it and it's not the card that is the problem. Any news on this problem? I am using a rooted Kindle Fire, Android Version 5.1.1


This started happening to me recently.


Same here, I'm going to take a look at those dev threads, but any other recommendations? The combo of filling my internal storage and deleting my stored music is maddening.


While we wait for a solution, is there a way to switch it back to external without erasing all the sync data?


This is maddening. Any progress on a solution? Have moved the app to external storage and still reverts to internal with each reboot.


@RKLimes said:
While we wait for a solution, is there a way to switch it back to external without erasing all the sync data?

Here's what you can do:
1. Close Plex (Don't change the setting!)
2. Use a file manager to rename the folder /Android/Data/com.plexapp.android on your SD card to something else (like com.plexapp.android2)
3. Start Plex and switch sync storage back to external
4. Stop Plex
5. Delete the new com.plexapp.android folder Plex created
6. Rename the original folder back to com.plexapp.android
7. Start Plex and watch your files :-)


Same issue. Any progress. This bug dates back to December 2016. Possibly further.
Huge issue for me as I travel for work.


Why is it that with threads like this no one official from Plex ever pops in and says "Hey guys, sorry about that, don't worry it's slated to be resolved on the next update!"

I feel like we're being ignored here and that's very upsetting for something that we're paying money for.

Little help

Little acknowledgment at least

Anyone out there from Plex???