why does plex keep dropping out from Sonos



Hi Just recently Plex (files are on a WD mirror ) keeps dropping out from Sonos. When I add new files to the NAS they are not found and also the NAS is "unavailable".

Want to buy a Pass so can listen when not at home but with this issue keeping occurring I will not be bothering with a pass as cant access files at home - they are all available via file explorer so NAS linked to PC and running.

Is it a settings issue ?

All help gratefully received


Make sure the NAS doesn't have a sleep mode (that Windows file sharing may wake up, but Plex might not)
My router out of the box, even with DHCP static leases, would assign 6 hour lease expiration.
Though Windows would handle reconnecting a file share reasonably quickly, several other devices would get 'lost' easily.
Perhaps you can check your router and adjust it's LAN DHCP time. If you haven't already, ensure your devices have static IP addresses inside your LAN. Even if you can't adjust the lease time, having the same ip every few hours (if that's the issue) would help.


Re add the share. Check sleep mode on NAS


thanks for your answers but idont think its that the NAS allows SONos to find its files its PLEX that is not always there - it seems to want to backup my pc or at least the music on it - i have not knowingly asked it to do this it also is messing about with the metadata of some artists on sonos the artist is the year ! when i check with mp3 tag it is as it should be.

Got plex as have more mp3 than sonos can cope with but am not finding it user friendly


can access plex via pc and play music as i can at the moment via sonos. cannot access server settings any thoughts as to why not