Why does PMS v1.12.0.4829 redirect me to login when trying to go to my server's Settings page?



I'm currently running PMS v1.11.3.4803 on Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS and I can navigate without issue to the server settings in Plex Web without any problem. I never sign-in to the server to connect to the Plex cloud, etc. and like to keep it that way. However, after I tried upgrading to v1.12.0.4829 it consistently redirected me to sign-in with my Plex account and there didn't appear to be any way around it which led me to rolling back to the previous release. Guess I have a few questions here....is anyone else being redirected when trying to access their server setting while not signed in? Now a question for any devs that may see this, was this intentional to quietly push users to always sign in to their server?