Why does supportpages not work with Firefox Quantum 57.0.2



Example: https://support.plex.tv/articles/200288597-fetching-internet-sourced-using-your-own-subtitle-files/ in FF give me a more or less empty page with footer: “Last modified on: September 26, 2013”
But if I open the same page in Edge or Chrome it’s a fully working page with info and another footer, i.e. : “Last modified on: December 19, 2017”




Unsure if this problem is new or not for FF but FF is going from bad to worse for every release.

Just me or anyone else having this problem?


There was a change of servers to a different platform today - and then back again to the previous one.
I think one of your browsers has still cached information in it which point to now unavailable adresses.

Close the misbehaving browser and empty its cache.