Why is this app so terrible?!



Why is this app so terrible compared to other interfaces (Roku, Xbox, Even Web Based)? It stutters, doesn't seem to sync properly on the fly (or even at launch for that much). It double plays every video I launch when I start it off. It will sometimes just freeze. I have NONE of these types of problems via other avenues.


I agree completely. Worst interface & UI experience of any other option. What sucks the worst is the other options are completely free and this is a paid app. Just goes to show, you DONT always get what you pay for.


Did they fire the windows guy and hire someone competent yet?


I’ve been bitching about this for literally YEARS. They have made the UWP app do the absolute bare minimum. I can only hope that the end of this year the Restone 5 update to Windows 10 COMPLETELY breaks the app so they will be FORCED to write a new one.

According to the MS roadmap, end of this year should be new Office, new Server, new MAJOR windows 10 feature update, huge updates to cloud services, and (oh dear god hopefully) the new andromeda/polaris/c-shell OS device.

If all that happens in a short span from 3rd quarter 2018 to 2nd quarter 2019 lots of Windows UWP will be updated. They won’t have a choice.