Why oh WHY is PLEX official LG TV client not able to play direct ?



Here the choices:

PlayZ: Plays direct, does subtitles, even lets you choose aspect ratio., But really bad UI

Xplay: Nice UI, plays direct. But ALWAYS messes up aspect ratio for movies (anything different resolution from 1920 x 1080) and end up with aspect problems or a zoom factor so you cant see the entire picture

PLEX official client: perfect UI, perfect aspect ratio (always "original"), BUT no direct play

So since my box is not able to transcode fast enough for 4K or 1080p then only PlayZ work to show what one would expect without lag.

Not good enough, LG..

Is there a fix coming ?


Welcome to the club.
You are not alone: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/191712/add-force-direct-play-to-lg-application/p1


wauw..lots of people wanting this.
I would actually think that direct play would be the easiest solution to add (vs transcoding)


Convert your mkvs to mp4s and it will directplay


Subtitles always trigger a transcode in LG TVs anyway, this needs to be fixed