Why Plex VR doesn´t have suport to Motorola Z2?



Hi Guys,

I verify and in official page of Daydream have a information that Motorola Z2 Play is compatible, but Plex VR doesn´t work in my Motorola Z2. Do you have information about update in Plex VR to suport this model?



Hi! So when you say it doesn’t work, what do you mean exactly? Our analytics show that we have several users running the app on the Moto Z2 Force. Is that your phone?


I also have a Motorola Z2 Play nd I tried to install the Plex VR and it said that my Phone was not compatible and would not allow me to install it on my Phone. I am trying to use Plex through my VR headset for my Phone but I am unable to find out how to other than using the Plex VR app.


The official page says that the Z2 Force is compatible but doesn’t mention the Z2 Play. Searching on Google suggests that the Play is not supported.


Yeah sorry about that, not much we can do on our side if Google Play decides the device is not compatible.