Why won't directplay pass 4k hdr and Dolby vision files?



I have plex media player connected to an LG 4k oled tv via a nvidia gtx960. Hardware decoding is enabled and Deep Color is enabled on the TV over the HDMI port. The videos reside on a synology nas.
The videos play fine, hardware decoding works but nine of the files will switch the TV into her or Dolby mode. The files are 10bit hvec mkv hdr or Dolby. These same files will play fine if placed on a usb key
I though that direct play would just pass anything through. Is this not the case or is something not configured correctly.


What device are you using for running PMP on?


This is a home theater pc, that uses a nvidia gtx960. Win10 .
The nvidia card is set for 4:4:4: chroma which is probably incorrect… …


I believe that according to the nvidia developers blogs, you need to set rob 10 or 11 bit and exclusive mode…havent tried it yet. Anyone else have success?


That’s rgb 10 or 12 bit


Just as an aside, Direct Play != Passthrough, it just means the player can decode and playback the content from it’s encoded form (whether h264, h265, VC-1, MPEG2VIDEO, DTS, AC3, ALAC, etc.). While PMP certainly supports 4K, I’ll admit I’m not 100% sure on HDR10 or Dolby Vision, or if there is a passthrough option for video available via MPV.conf.


After a little bit of a chat with the devs, it doesn’t sound like HDR10 or Dolby Vision are supported at this time, however, it should resample HDR video down to 8-bit to at least make it possible. However, I don’t have any HDR content or an appropriate display to test this on, so I’m more than happy to be proven wrong here. :slight_smile:


It would seem that it is resampled to 8 bit. HDR mode or DV mode does not turn on on the TV in contrast to using the USB key. It also seems to maintain a decent picture even though the video is HDR 10 bit or Dolby vision.
Now the question is how much of this is related to windows. The upcoming Creators edition has built in support for HDR and Dolby vision. This has been released but will take some time to update all PC’s.
I guess it will come.
It may be a moot point however. All HDR and DV movies are only available on UHD Blu-Ray and may only be forever.
At least my local video rental store rents 4K Movies! Time to visit them.


How did you save the 4K bluray to a file?


As far as I am aware, you can’t. But there is still some content available as files, mostly demos. And the new UHD PC players, will probably increase this capability.


As far as I’m aware, the only legally available 4K HDR content you can load into PMS at this time are demo files.


I am able to play back these files on Plex for Kodi and Plex for AndroidTV (nVidia Shield), but not on PMP.


@cryptochrome do you mean that you can play .mkv files through your PMS to a Kodi client with the Plex addon and your TV will enable HDR10 or Dolby Vision? (i.e., play the files with full HDR metadata and colors)

If true, may I ask what client you’re using for Kodi?


@berylium said:
If true, may I ask what client you’re using for Kodi?

Kodi for Plex on a nVidia Shield TV. Only HDR though, no Dolby Vision.


I dont know about dolby vision not much supports it content wise and only certain tv brands but I hope the PMP developers start looking at HDR integration, I know madvr is working on it (havent followed where its at), Windows 10 also implemented it in its creator update (not sure if their is api to toggle the switch on or off for hdr content), nvidia shield supports it as well as newer nvidia and amd cards. Its coming and people are going to want hdr content played back and we will see more of these threads as it evolves so i at least hope its being monitored as its started to seep into pc’s. PMP can do everything you throw at it at least on windows (4k, ATMOS, Dts:X) the only thing left not supported is HDR then it will have everything.


HDR is already supported, just not by every Plex client. PMP I am not sure (I doubt it, though), but all Android based clients, including nVidia Shield, do HDR.


PMP does support HDR (most of it anyway), but it does not support “passing it through” to HDR TVs.


@vlang said:
PMP does support HDR (most of it anyway), but it does not support “passing it through” to HDR TVs.

I dont know the technical details I just enjoy it when viewing my UHD blu rays but if windows 10 HDR mode could be toggled on and off will it display properly if using pmp to an HDR set if hdr mode is on? Or does more need to be done such as passing that information from pmp to a tv?


So does Dolby Vision stuff (ts and m2ts files) work via Plex and Chromecast ultra? Or no DV support at all :frowning:


@Ghostm currently PMP always outputs normal range. You can basically make it output arbitrary color spaces/ranges (including HDR) via obscure backend settings. The following setting should be the most important one for HDR:


(This can be put into mpv.conf, check https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/207338798-Advanced-Configuration on the bottom.)

Above setting will “upconvert” SDR to HDR as well.

One problem with HDR is that you actually need higher bit depth output to avoid banding. But little software is prepared for this, and mostly just hardcodes 8 bit. (I know PMP’s rendering would be fine with higher bit depth, but the problem is convincing the rest of the system not to cut off the additional bits.)

Dolby Vision is a combination of technologies and thus an entirely different beast.