Why Won't Player play all my media yet windows media player will?



i not sure if i in right room.. i have a FreeNas server and installed PlexServer on it... i copied all my shows... first it uses 1 image from some tv show i have as for every single tv show i have which no good.
2nd if i load up a show if it cant play it it loads up a different show.. and does this for all the shows practically... or it shows no files in the folder.. yet it works... is there a fix ... Asus's Media server with there routers plays all my videos no problem but i liked the Plexserver style but it wont play nothing... whats wrong? is there a fix will there be a fix




Plex is a system of server and client. The server will adapt the media to the abilities of the client. For this it needs plenty CPU power.
If you only use the default Plex web client, the server needs to convert a lot, since web browsers are not exactly super media players.
So I recommend you to download and install the separate Plex Media Player (no, not all Plex Clients are named 'Plex Media Player').


ok thanks ill try that.. ya it only talked about web ver... what about i wanna get a smart tv will the plex tv work on it.. and will it play all videos?


@comet424@msn.com said:
and will it play all videos?

It depends. Some Smart TV platforms are similarly restricted like the web app.
Some others understand a few more file formats.
I don't know all of them, sorry.
(I wouldn't expect too much from a smart TV.)

it should be no problem if your Plex server has enough cpu power to 'transcode' all these videos in realtime. Then you can watch them all on any Plex client.

But if your server has only a slow cpu, you need to either select your Plex clients for their playback abilities or prepare all your media in advance so they all conform to the abilities of your Plex clients.


doesnt work.. it said if you cant get server to work click the link for the loop back thing.. well doesnt still work cant get it to work on windows 10 and your website codeplex is shutting down


Plex works on a variety of operating systems and with a large variety of players/devices by allowing each player/device to control media playback.

Any media that is supported by that player/device's native media player software will be direct played and anything that is not supported and cannot be direct played by that player/device is sent to Plex Media Server (PMS) to be transcoded. The media formats supported by a player/device can vary and no player/device supports every type of media.

The Plex support documentation FAQ for some players includes supported media formats, but ultimately, you should refer to the support documentation for the player/device you use for the full list of supported media formats for that device. Also see How are Direct Play, Direct Stream, and Transcoding different?.

Since the media formats supported by players/devices vary (and the beauty of Plex is that you can use a variety of players/devices), it is always best to have a PMS with the CPU power necessary to transcode. If you do not have a PMS with the CPU power necessary to transcode, then you will need to convert your local media to a format that is supported by the players/devices that you have chosen to use, so that media will always direct play.

Also, be aware that Plex channel plugins and PlexIt/Watch Later access existing online media, whose format may vary widely. Since no player/device will support every format that may be available out on the Internet, if you do not have a PMS with the CPU power necessary to transcode your success with Plex channels may be very limited.

Also see What kind of CPU do I need for my Server? and NAS Devices and Limitations


my cpu is a i7-3820 @3.6Ghz and 16 gig ram
i know when it was my windows 10 comp it could play any video as long as i installed divx..

i find lot of the tv shows dont have names i have them in folders but they show up was episode 1 and all the images are the same... and when i try to load one of them it doesnt even load that video it loads a different tv show id doesnt matter what show i click it keeps loading the same one really.. its frustrating that was the windows one.. i cant get the plex to work with this windows loop thing


not sure what you mean with your PMS what is that ... all i know is Windows Media Player plays all the videos i have none that dont work with it.. so i know least windows media player can play them off the server just not off plex yet


If PMS is installed, is the address to get to it.

To help you start figuring it out, here's the official video set

and then here's one from another user who shows a number of other things in a much more basic level for you to follow through and double check what you've done already.

Please do remember to have media named as PMS needs them. The link to media naming and preparation is in my signature.