Will not connect relay Message.



I can't connect at all now to my Roku. My Dad had the same issue with his in another state different ISP. So I ruled out modem. I have an arris through Spectrum. I'm running Plex off a server Box, I'm able to access Plex it says unable to remote and can't connect to internet. Can someone please help? I have ran out of ideas Thanks
https://gyazo.com/229e80aa0ef22f15fa8290ad61d4f72c Here is a Screen Shot


Looks like u have manual port checked. Verify port forward settings on router match what you have in plex settings. I had to change to a different port and that fixed it for me. Also check your plex security settings and set it to preferred if it is set to required. Hope this helps.


I don't know anything about port forwarding. This same issue happened on another modem different ISP and with Roku. Update, I chose perferred and it went to yellow, i check Ipv6 and it went to green but with a relay error. I know Im close, What else am I missing?


Pretty easy -- Google port forwarding and your router model and some guides should come up. I've never gotten ipv6 to work so -- note the port in plex settings- if you haven't changed it it's set at 32400--you have to go in your router and set Plex server IP to be able to port forward from the same port. Start by setting a static IP for your server and then port forward that IP. Google is ur best friend on this one. Static IP and port forwarding should fix your issues and keep it on preferred once you get the networking figured out. Good luck. I'm guessing you at least know how to get into your router settings.