Will Plex and paired apps let me see a menu of file names only as sorted to my Drobo subdirectories?



A deal killer for me, that I'd like to know about before installing Plex, is whether or not I can natively (or select from setup) have displayed on my receiver/player device nothing more than the file names in the directories/subdirectory hierarchy on my server, among which I want to navigate. The icons/graphic images of the first image in a file that is a recording of a TV program are useless - usually generated from the program that proceeds the one I downloaded. With thousands of files, the graphic for each mean endless navigation. I want to simply click on the file name that I want to play (each file is already named with the program title, date & time broadcast). I've sorted them into subdirectories by group (i.e., news, documentaries, movies, sports), and I narrow my selections that way.

I have WD TV devices connected to watch the computer video files on my TVs - and the menu I see with this kind of device is just fine - setup lets one select graphic or text file name display. I would like a server installed on my Drobo paired with apps on desktop and tablet computers and smartphones that show text names the same way - nothing more.

Thanks in advance.