Will SoundCloud channel be back?


So, will it? Or does anyone know any alternatives that you can listen to soundcloud on a DLNA server.


There is no longer a Plex channel plugin for SoundCloud because there had been no updates or maintenance to the SoundCloud channel plugin in years. And when the channel broke, no one submitted a fix for it, even after it had not worked for months, so it was removed from the Channel Directory.

All Plex channel plugins are written by a community of volunteer developers. These volunteer developers use the Framework API provided by Plex to create plugins that access online content and are nice enough to share their work with the rest of us.

So the availability of a Plex channel plugin for any website depends on two factors:

  • Volunteer developers with enough interest in accessing the online content offered by a website to spend their time developing, maintaining, and supporting a channel plugin for that site.
  • The website offering its media in a way that would allow these volunteer developers to ensure they can create a stable channel plugin that can provide continued access to that online media.

Plex has a great community of people who donate their time to create, maintain, and support channel plugins and they are always happy to see that community grow. So anyone interested in joining the volunteer community should feel free to look into the channel plugin development documentation - the Channel Plugin Development support articles and Channel Plugin Development Forum.

Also see Why does Plex not have a channel for a particular website?, When Will Plex Have a Channel for a Particular Website? and What do I do if the channel I want isn't available?