Will there be trailer support ?



I see there isn't any support for trailers yet and no visible settings, will this be a future feature?


Trailers definitely work right now! If a trailer is found, it will show up in a trailer button to the right of the play button. Also Extras are below. If you see a trailer in Web/PMP, it will show up in this add-on as well.


@keithah Sorry, I meant the trailers that play before the movie starts. Normally you can set the amount of trailers you would like to play as well as a pre-roll video before the movie starts.


Oh, pre-roll videos and trailers! I will add that as a feature request. Thanks for reporting.

I’ve added it here: https://github.com/plexinc/plex-for-kodi/issues/11 so you can follow along.


@keithah any plan to go an step further on this?

The only thing I miss from Kodi is the ability to lunch Cinemavision before the movie. This allows me to play random trailers, cinema intros, audio bumpers and control my HUE lights on each state.


+1 for this request. Would love to have it implemented. Am loving the way this the plex add-on looks within kodi.


@ismaelab it’d probably only work on Direct Play stuff, and we’re hesitant to put anything in that doesn’t work always… so not sure about CinemaVision integration…

@foghat thanks! It’s definitely listed as planned features, but trying to tackle the bugs right now since we released before getting into prioritizing the list of features to come.


@keithah Great to know it is on the list. I will be posting a video of really weird anomaly I am seeing on one of my shield boxes when using plex for kodi. Stay tuned. :slight_smile: