Windows 10 App Design



Hi guys,

So this is less of a bug report but more of a question of design. On my touch win 10 machine, the app looks great as far as all you ever want to do is go forward (i.e. selecting this and that, playing etc). But if you want to go back a page you are stuck (unless you realize you can swipe down from above and use the little arrow in the top left corner). I can't seem to find another way to navigate backwards. The same really goes for when you are already watching something - getting out of the video mode (at least on my WIN 10 machine) is horrendously complicated. Could this be somehow altered? Or at least provide some similarity to the ios app? There it seems to be a bit easier (although I don't know how the windows phone app looks...).

And while you are at it, can we have a context menu button for synced items to say re-try or re-download for episodes that have had a "Metadata Error" or some other error :).



Thanks for the feedback. A few users have said the same thing, and we're looking at this.