Windows 10 Plex app not showing program guide



I have an Asrock Mini with Windows 10 and I just installed the Plex app. Looks fine but it is missing the program guide. When I use Plex Web on the Mini I can see the program guide but was hoping to use the app and maybe get a better picture. I'm I missing something?
BTW, don't see the program guide on the Plex app for Roku either, just saying.


both apps don’t support live tv yet.


…because Live TV is not supported on all platforms yet.


Most of my house has no cabling so what would be the best wireless plex client that does support live TV?


Roku has live tv support starting today, go to this link and install the “un certified” plex pass app, It has support for Live TV but not much DVR functionality yet. The link also tells you what has support for live tv.