Windows 10 Stuck Waiting to be Downloaded



Running Windows 10 App. The conversion completes correctly then all the media sits in the state: "Waiting to be Downloaded". I've uninstalled the app three times and re-installed with the same results. Very disappointed. :-/

Any troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated,


That seems to be a state of the OS, not of the Plex app. It is the responsibility of Windows 10 to download the app, so I guess you'd need to talk to Microsoft support.


Ask them what? Why Plex isn't downloading my content correctly/ They're going to turn right back around and tell me to talk to Plex. This doesn't help at all, I'm not the only one frustrated with the sync app.


Sorry @ErikBean, I thought you were saying the Plex app was stuck being downloaded from the Windows Store! I didn't mean to send you to Microsoft regarding a problem with Sync :-)

Can you please send me the logs after you initiate syncing (using Settings/Advanced/Email diagnostics)?


Is there any resolution for this? I am also having this issue.


Same here, my movie has been converted (not sure why) and the app is stuck at "awaiting tranfer’


Me too. I tried installing the windows 7 app as well on my windows 10 machine and it seems to not be working.


It just says stuck on transferring, or shows nothing. (windows 10 version)


Here is a screengrab


You’ve got a pretty clear error shown there, but without logs it’s really difficult to tell what’s going on.


Same issue here, quite frustrating to not have a resolution when paying for the service.


Yea…I had that issue at one point. It has something to do with your firewall somewhere but logs would be required. Either software firewall, AV, or something in your router (maybe you have a fancy router? I have a fancy firewall) is blocking the data transfer.