Windows App Crashes



I recently removed my Windows 10 PC from an Active Directory domain and so a new local profile was created. As a result, I had to reinstall the Windows Plex app (not sure why). Since then, the app does not load. It crashes with no error every time I try to load it.

After the 2nd or 3rd time the app crashed, the C:\Users_user_\AppData\Local\Packages\CAF9E577.Plex_aam28m9va5cke\LocalState\Logs folder was opened. There are three log files and each contain the following:

2017-06-06 10:23:06:2115 [2] INFO - Plex for Windows
2017-06-06 10:23:06:2135 [2] INFO - Windows.Desktop 10.0.14393.1198
2017-06-06 10:23:06:2155 [2] INFO - [WindowsAppCore] - Current culture is English (United States) - en

I have reinstalled the app a couple of times. Attempting a restart now but don't have much faith. Any ideas on what I can do?


Can anyone help?


I have this issue. App just crashes after trying to start.