Windows app is not playing well.....




usually I'm an Apple guy, but I bought a Surface 4 Pro to check it out.
I installed the Plex app and... ok.
Playback start takes a lot of time. After short time the playback stops and plex tells
me to check my playback options. Or the video doesn't start at all. Or it will stutter all the time.
I have no problem with my iOS, OSX and Android devices.

Server is fast enough (i7), surface should also be fast enough (i7) and network also (over 200 Mbit real bandwidth).
Same behavior with direct play, direct stream or transcoding.
Interface itself is responding fast.

After I hit play the screen goes black and then a long time nothing happens. No CPU load on server, no buffering or transcoding.
Happens with SD, 720p or 1080p media.

At the moment the app is really useless.
Plex Version 3.0.31


Hi @AgentMax,

There is a sticky thread regarding video playback issues here: As described there, Microsoft told us we'll need to migrate our video player stack to fix those issues, and that unfortunately isn't done overnight, as you might imagine. This is one of our top priorities at the moment though.


I just bought a Surface Pro 4 and have the same issues.
Any file with decent quality buffers and stops repeatedly.
Plex worked seamlessly on my previous Asus Zenbooks.
ATM looking for a fix or an alternative app as Plex is now annoying as hell.