Windows UWP and Sync



I will initiate the syncing for movies and TV shows with my Windows 10 UWP app. It will go through a certain random number of episodes, and all of a sudden it will say it is syncing an episode forever, and even though the main page says it is transferring that episode, if you go into that sync item, it says it is waiting to transfer it. If I kill the sync and relaunch it, it will general sync fine then. The log I am attaching is right after that exact situation. Can anyone look and tell me what is causing the hang-up? My connection is lightening fast and have done numerous testing with other applications (Netflix, hulu, etc), downloading, playing games (Xbox) and there is zero hic-cup. The only problem I ever have is with Plex syncing.


Here is another two logs for the same problem. Can someone look at these and tell me why the sync will be working (and working fast at that) and then just hang all of a sudden.


Ok, well without the logs, I think I have found what causes the sync hanging, stopping, and long sync cancels. From what I have figured out, it appears that if there is a notification from Plex to your device while you are syncing, it will freeze the syncing up. So if you are doing a large number of videos and the server gets halfway through transcoding them, and you start syncing those that are finished, when the phone/device gets a notification when the next item is ready to be synced, it freezes/stops the syncing. Also, if you try to cancel a sync and it is transcoding an item that is in one of the sync lists, it ill hang on "cancelling" until those transcodings are finished. I am 90% that is what is causing each of these. If anyone else can test it, let me know if you get similar results.


Well, nevermind. Just had it stop without and notifications. What a pain in the neck.


Seriously.... the sync hangs and then the app sticking on cancelling when it hangs has gotten out of hand. The app is half useless since many of us like to move our content locally to our phones, tablets, laptops, etc. And as it is now, it is a second job to do that. The ports are open, everything is setup as should be. It will work fine one hour (can move everything fast and at will) and the next day it will tell me it is syncing media, but when you go to that exact sync profile it tells you it is waiting. So many issues. I personally think this app needs to be ripped apart and started from the ground up.


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