Won't let me Play Original Quality - keeps changing to Convert ! HELP! My CPU isn't strong enough



I'm trying to just watch something at Original Quality so my CPU doesn't transcode, and the app won't let me!

I select "Play Original Quality" and the checkmark shows next to that. I press the arrow to go back, and it's changed back to "Convert" ! And then when I try to play, my CPU is unable to convert so I'm out of luck.

What's going on!?


Just noticed that I have the same problems. I have a OnePlus 3T and I was able to play H.265 files at 'original quality', no longer able since the update and my NAS always has to transcode to a ridiculous resolution. Amazing experience.


Could you post logs here from the app playing a video which refuses to be direct played? How to capture logs from device: https://support.plex.tv/articles/201573117-android-android-tv-fire-tv-logs/


@marekszulik - if it helps, I get "Not enough bandwidth for direct play of this item. Required bandwidth is 6195kbps and only 2195kbps is available." reason message when I have enabled the option to show information overlay. This applies to ALL H.265 videos that I was able to 'direct play' before new ExoPlayer without any issues!

Edit: just got the new 6.14.0 version and the problem is STILL there, nothing has changed.


I have the same problem, but only when streaming to Chromecast. Plex won't play original quality (direct play). If you change the setting to original it will change back when you re-enter to the settings. Only when chromecasting though.


@marekszulik Could you please confirm which version allows to force Original quality/Direct Play at a global settings level? (I sincerely don't care how far I need to go back in versions to get a decent playing in my Android TV Box)


I'm having the same issue with both the iPhone and Android app where changing the playback quality settings while casting to Chromecast is ineffective. It seems to keep going back to upconvert to a 20MBps feed, which my server is incapable of producing smoothly. The video format is H.265, I have not tried other videos/formats.


Same issue on latest version. Direct play works usiig Plex on my Sony android. But not when casting from my pixel 2 xl

It Keeps going to transcode. Even tho I am selection maximum.

Is this a known issue at Plex ?


This is still an issue on latest PMS and Android app.