Won't pause



Hey everyone
I am running the current beta, but have found on the Apple TV 4k when I go to pause a show the play button won't work but if I try the track pad it works fine. I have found the current beta release went back to it not working last version it was fine.

When you hit the track pad to pause and unpause than try the play button it oddly works , seems the first initial time trying that button won't work. Seems to only happen when using Plex.


Hi there. We're aware of the issue and engineering is working on it. It's been hard to reproduce as there are many users (myself included) that never experience this. Fortunately, we have a potential fix going out in the next beta (v1.19) coming very soon to beta users. We'll be looking forward to seeing if it resolves this issue in the tvOS beta group.


Hello - I know the response above says "aware of this issue", but I just wanted to chime in that I'm having the same problem with music served via Plex MS from a ReadyNAS to AppleTV 4K. Happy to test out any proposed fixes.


I have an Apple TV 4th Gen and I am the latest production version (not beta) and I cannot pause, rewind, fast forward or skip


Thanks for your reports. We're not just aware of the problem, engineering is working of a fix that should go out in an upcoming beta.


Actually I believe it is already in the current public beta.