working FreeNAS installation can't play transcodes after moving to iocage



i'm using a plex installation for many years in a FreeNAS warden jail. This works without any problem. Due to the fact that FreeNAS (and FreeBSD) changes its jails from warden to iocage i'm trying to move all my jails to that system. I don't have a problem to install my Plexpass via pkg in that jail. Then i move my setup to the new system and adjust the fstab entries.
In a first try saw problems in the log to write in the transcoder folder. So i set /tmp to 777 and the error was gone. The transcoder seems to work: it is writing many files to that folder (as it should). I can play movies that don't need to be trancoded without problems. But when i try to view a movie that has to be transcoded, then the player stopps working with a rotating wheel...
I would put in here some of my log, but i'm not sure which one would help here. Please tell me.


I can report the exact same issue. any playback requiring transcoding Is now impossible for me. I have the same configuration - freenas 11.1u1, iocage jails…

attached are server logs:

curiously transcoder DOES work for non streaming. I can sync a video to my iOS device it will convert and download for me… but real time playback Is dead…


Second, or third, this issue. Went from being able to fire up 4 to 8 transcode streams with warden jail, to not fully able to play one small SD transcode under iocage. I used portsnap to install, thinking that would pick up any weird or odd other files it needed.


tried it again, exactly as written here:

And suddenly it worked!

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bad link up there. trying to figure out where you want to point to to see what’s there.


Should be


I am reading already !! I hate this crippled thing I have running now, useless to me unless I am plugged directly in, and even then some grief with larger files.


This is most likely a permissions issue.

In short: permissions are assigned via uid; even though each jail creates it’s own plex user during the pms installation, the uid’s are most likely different (i.e. 1001 vs 1002) and thus the permissions don’t transfer. This usually presents itself in permissions by showing the uid where you’d expect to see a username; an associated user can’t be found in the system and thus it just shows the assigned uid.

SSH (or iocage console) into your new iocage jail and check the following locations are accessible by the plex user:

  • Any media files/folders (i.e. most likely your fstab mount points as seen from within the iocage jail)
  • Your plexdata directory (especially if you copied it from your warden jail)

in a jail this is most likely /usr/local/share/plexdata[-plexpass]

  • Your transcode folder. If you don’t set a custom one the default location is in the plexdata directory so not being able to transcode media could be an indication your entire plexdata directory needs to be checked

/usr/local/share/plexdata[-plexpass]/Plex Media Server/Cache/Transcode

Here’s a similar thread:


Do any of you have this working in a jail? I’ve been running down mysterious transcode-for-streaming problems today (testing in a pristine VM), and I’ve determined that transcodes for streaming work fine outside a jail, but will not work at all inside a jail.


I just tried to migrate from warden to iocage. I’m experiencing the same issue. Photos (containing video and pictures) and music seem to work normally immediately. Live TV (HDHR), Movies, and TV libraries seem to have trouble. I sampled removing and adding back a few movies and the problem seemed to be fixed on those files, but the agents are no longer pulling information down for those movies.
Not sure if this provides any data-points someone can pick up on