Working on some mockups, hoping to find a dev



Hey all, I'm a UI designer looking for a developer that might be interested in building a skin I've started working on. I love Plex but a lot of the HT interface really bugs me. I find various navigation points are unclear, icons can be difficult to understand, how to get to features is sometimes confusing and of course I'm a picky bastard and would just really love to put my own touch and experience as a designer to use in this app that I love.


Unfortunately my experience is all based on designing things in Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch and giving developers my mockups, specs, and cut up asset files. The closest I ever come to dev work is purely front end html and css (not sure how skins are developed so don't know if this might be helpful?). I started working on it today and so far only have the initial home screen and movie info mockups done. This would be purely a weekend project for me but I imagine I could have everything mocked up and all the assets ready within a month or so if I find a dev that is interested in working with me. Let me know!


Even if you're not interested in working with me I'd love some feedback! I'm sure there are things I'm not thinking of and have a feeling some ideas I have may not actually be possible to implement.


Here are the initial couple mockups:






Here's my initial mockup of one of the things that I want the most; movie extras that are both more obvious to get to, and have a list that is easy to quickly visually scan and distinguish each item. Not entirely happy with it yet but I like the direction it's heading in.



Very Nice work !

I hope you will find a dev to make your skin available soon :)


Nice work! I too hope you find a Dev for this. 


Great Job! I hope for you!