Xbox one X TV files, playing the wrong sound stream source (plays Cable box feed instead)



I have the Xbox one X. Plex updates is current. I can play all movie files and they stream the correct audio. However, when I play any TV files, it will play the audio feed from my Cable box instead, and not the sound from the TV file. I have to DESELECT the audio source (Cable/Sat) on my receiver, (Onkyo) to another source, then RESELECT the source (Cable/Sat) then it will play the TV files audio correctly. Or, I have to turn off the reciever, then on again, to ensure the right sound stream plays. This just started this week. Nothing has change in my setup.

again, Music files, Movie files, are not affected. its only the TV files i have on my Comp that have these issues.

This also only seems to pertain to the Xbox one X, because i have a older regular Xbox one in my bedroom, it streams the tv files with no weird sound issues whatsoever. So i am thinking this bug is the plex app for the Xbox on X only.