Youtube on Plex



I am having issues with plex (I am using it on my tv with roku)

-it will not play You tube videos which I have plexed
-It shows that I have no servers that it can detect
-In my account, I have "No Players Found" message (up on the right hand side of the main page)
-It does not play flash videos also

Help :(


If you are new, did you install Plex Media Server on a computer in your home network? Plex is a server/client software, so you have to install the server software on a computer in your home network to access from Plex channel on the roku. See the Plex support documents -

If you are not new and do have Plex Media Server(PMS) installed on a computer in your home network, are you using a Windows computer for your PMS? You must install PMS version 1.4.4 for Windows because a Windows update makes earlier versions crash and close. See