4K Photo Resolution Very Low on Windows Chrome Browser and LG 4k TV


I have 4K+ Images. They display at a much lower resolution, even in Chrome on windows. Is there no way to display Images at full resolution or at least 4k?


Why would plex not support 4K+ Photos? It is really important for me.


Is no one interested in 4K photo support? It seems such an easy feature to implement. What is the use of a 4K TV or high-resolution Ipad if you have low-quality images. If I zoom in on the Ipad the photos are very low quality.


I miss this too!!


Please consider this feature - I have a 4K TV - why can’t the PLEX LG App display my photos in 4K? Videos in 4K are fine.


They’re also still working on FULL 4K support for video and UHD/HDR transcoding too :neutral:


I have the same problem with my 4k Smasung TV. Photo quality is very low. I’ve email plex directly and no one would like to help me out. Searching this forum shows that this is a common problem… So plex-team please solve this issue!