Allow sync without transcoding



I have the new Android client and a synology NAS as server.

I have no problems to direct stream all my videos, but I can't sync my videos without transcoding. Is there a way to disable transcoding and force syncing my videos. I think it is up to me to choose a video play (like vlc) that can play my content on my android devices.

If there is a way to sync without transcoding please tell me  <_<



I've noticed the the Plex android client can't properly direct play some of my videos the default media player on my device can.   Perhaps this is the issue?


Hi jkiel,

Thanks for your reply. No, i don't habe problems to direct play my media. The Problem is, that it is not possible to sync the same media files to my Android device because plex Server wants Tod transcode. And This is not possible Witz my NAS.


I'm sorry, there is currently no mechanism to force a sync to perform a Direct Copy.



Is this feature planned for the near future?


Is this feature planned for the near future?

I don't believe so, no. If you'd like to effect what we have 'planned for the near future', you should post your idea and try and get other users to back it.



OK thanks, I found this already in the wishlist. If somebody wants to support this, here is the link:


I'm still seeing transcodes on syncing.  It's aggravating since all my media plays WITHOUT transcoding on my hardware.


My media is stored on a ARM NAS, so I can't sync. Turns out I cannot even use my lifetime pass to sync my media to the cloud. I really hope a direct copy will be available soon...


Stills transcoding((


Are you initiating the sync from the app? There should not be an option to choose the original quality which should not transcode, assuming the codecs are compatible. If you are trying to sync an mpeg2/mp3/avi file, you will never be able to sync that without transcoding.


@sliding_shade said:
Stills transcoding((

Same here. This is the only "issue" that makes me doubt about the Plex pass. Apart of Plex, I still need another player which allows me to download without transcoding. :(


Yes same for me.
I'm really re-considering take the plex pass with this issue...
Because my home media server is a raspberry and it can't transcode really fast or at all, I did not tried yet to finish it.
I don't know why we can't just download the video in direct it should be easier ..
On Android I've never have an issue with playing all kind of video (avi, mkv, etc..).

On iOS I use VLC in order to play each video without re-encode and everything is fine.

I think Plex could be able to propose this.
For me it will do the difference.


I agree, this is absolutely mandatory. Our mobile devices became very powerful these days. We don't need video transcoding for every sync-target.

Please, give us the "Original"-sync-option! It'd save so much time [-O<


How is this a three year conversation? This should be my choice. I have everything already transcoded and optimized for different playback -- just let me pick the version I want and download it.


+1 -- let me download a video as-is without forcibly transcoding it.


+1 -- This issue is something that got on my nerves from day one. i believe that adding this feature wont be that big of a problem as a 1:1 copy function can be coded easily... so why dont just add it and make loads of your customers happy! Love my plex, stream my media mostly, getting ready for a trip abroad, syncing takes hours... being frustrated!!!


+1! Without this feature, Plex Pass does not make much sense because it renders syncing useless for me.

Please communicate about the status of this.


+1 I can't believe this isn't possible on ios the app already plays mkvs directly...


+1 from me. Nvidia's Shield Tablet K1 is powerful enough transcoding isnt needed (or wanted). I selected original quality on an mp4 file and it spent 20 minutes converting before downloading.

It's unfortunately quicker to just copy the files off my NAS and use VLC, While I'd prefer to keep this all inside plex.