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Serenity for Android should now be available on the Amazon App store for the Amazon Fire TV.   You may have to search for it by name to find it.   I've submitted a newer version of 1.7.3 that contains all the fixes that are available in Google Play as well as on the project's download site.   


The version is functionally equivalent and everything that works in the Tablet and Android TV version works on the Amazon Fire TV.  They are the exact same app.   Unfortunately if you purchased it on Google Play you will need to repurchase it on Amazon.   Not much I can do about that.   Price remains the same, no price drop.   If you want an alternative to the official app, you can give Serenity a try for less than a Starbucks coffee.


Great work Kingargyle :)

(Now where's that WoL functionality) ;-)


I believe it is planned for 1.7.4, just no set time frame when I'll get to it.  I'm knee deep in writing tests around the existing code and refactoring some of the functionality to make it easier to maintain going forward.


Looks like there is a bug with the Amazon Fire TV and dolby digital playback.  For more information see the following thread on the Amazon Support forum that I created.⣑

With that said, it looks like there is an API that can possibly be used to enable Dolby Digital on Kindle Fire HD and HDX devices.  I'll look into that for a future release once I hear back on how to get Dolby Digital working on the Fire TV.


I just bought the app in the Amazon Store, but it says that it's not compatible with the Fire TV. So i can't download and install it.


When I go to purchase it, it also says its compatible with android but not for Amazon Fire Tv.


Thanks, I'm working with Amazon to Address this.  They Show it as being compatible in the Developer portal and approved.  For anybody that has downloaded it, and wants to get it working on the Fire TV, you can grab a  version here and side load it:

Hopefully the issue with the App showing up on the Fire TV will be resolved shortly.  If you bought it for the Android or Kindle Fire through the Amazon App Store, you won't need to rebuy it when the meta data issue is fixed in the Amazon App store.  Will post a message here when it is resolved.


I'm looking for somebody that has an Amazon Fire TV device and has either a PS3/XBox 360 game controller or Amazon's game controller connected to it.   I've tested Serenity with game controllers from the start, and the A Button on OUYA, Android 4.x, and Google TV devices with a game controller plays and pauses videos.

However, I'm getting a report from Amazon QA saying that the A Button on game controllers isn't playing or pausing a video.   Unfortunately I'm unable to reproduce the issue.   It would be very helpful if somebody could load Serenity on their device and let me know if they can replicate the issue.

I've tried replicating with an OnLive game controller, and so far no luck.  If you are able to replicate the issue please let me know what controller you used.  So I can try to replicate it.

You can get an apk for testing purposes from the projects download site.


I'll give it a go after i finish work tonight :) I have the latest Serenity installed and have a Xbox 360 controller connected.

Any updates on when sound will work?



I'll give it a go after i finish work tonight :) I have the latest Serenity installed and have a Xbox 360 controller connected.

Any updates on when sound will work?


That is the latest on the Dolby Digital issue.   If you have your content in MP4 with AAC audio, or MKV with AAC audio you should be fine.  If it contains Dolby Digital, then there appears to be an issue that Amazon is looking into.   


For those that bought Serenity through the Amazon App store, and you have a Amazon Fire TV, it should now be showing up as an available app for the Fire TV.

It is certified to work with the Remote Control, it may work with game controllers but during testing there was a supposed issue with the A button during video playback.  Something I wasn't able to replicate.

You'll get the best experience with AAC audio and H264 video with MP4 and MKV.  If you have dolby digital content, you will need to use MP4s, MKVs will not play audio with dolby digital content on the device.  You can use an External player with Serenity.  I know that ViMu which Serenity supports is in the process of being approved for the Fire TV.


I just purchased the Serenity for Fire TV (via the Fire TV app store) and when I try to start the program I get en error that says it can not connect to the Plex (on my notebook on the network) server and under setup the Auto Server Discovery option is not available.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance



If it is having problems, do you have a Router that has two available access points?  For self discovery to work, you need to be on the same network as the Plex Media Server.   If that fails.  You can manually enter the IP Address in the Preferred Server option.  You need to know the IP Address of the plex server you are trying to connect too.


Silly Question... Where do I find the IP Address of my Plex Server



Silly Question... Where do I find the IP Address of my Plex Server


If you are using windows, go to your Notebooks Command prompt, and type: ipconfig

It'll give you the ip address, it'll using look something like 192.168.x.x or 10.0.x.x

You can also check your router as it will list all the computers connected to it.

Also on your plex server, through the web interface, make sure that you have the GDM protocol enabled.   Serenity uses this to automatically detect Plex servers on the local area network.   I have four servers on my network, all running different versions of Plex and Serenity detects them all.  (Ranging from 0.9.3 to the latest public version available).

If you are still having problems after entering the IP Address into Serenity.  Please check the MyPlex FAQ.  You may have to specifically allow Serenity to see your computer if you are using MyPlex.


I'll give it a try. .

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