Android TV Recommendations feature



Android TV includes a way for an app to include suggestions/recommendations on the main screen when the device boots up and the launcher is displayed.   Obvious candidates for Serenity to include are On Deck, and Recently Added.   There are some others that can be included as well, but I'd like to open it up to you to decide what should be included and how this feature should work.


My first thought is to make what shows up in recommendations a preference setting, so you can toggle certain items on and off (i.e Recently Added, On Deck, Recently Viewed Movies, Recently Viewed TV Shows, etc).


The recommendation engine can evolve as time permits, but really needs your input to make it useful.



Your 'first thought' sounds like an excelleny way of doing it to me - i wouldn't want recommendations, but having on deck and latest viewed would be good for me, whereas others would choose differently.


I'll probably start on the basic support this weekend.


I've implemented the On Deck recommendations for Movies and TV Shows.   Full playback and Plex Meta Data updates is supported for both internal and external players.  I'm in the process of making sure that Recommendations get updated when you finish playback.  This will only be available for Android TV devices, as it requires the new Leanback Recommendation API.