Any chance Plex may get an app for the upcoming Nintendo Switch?


Any chance Plex may get an app for the upcoming Nintendo Switch? It should be easy to port one of the other console apps to this new system. I am curious if it might be eventually considered.


+1 for me.

I'm hoping the Switch has a decent browser so there won't be a need to carry my tablet PC around but a full Plex app that can sync would be ideal (if possible).


I intend on probably getting the Switch so this would interest me to a degree, however we all have laptops and the laptop's 1080p screen would be superior to the Switch's 720p so I don't see it getting used a ton. We all much prefer watching our content on decently-sized screens.


I will surely use Plex on the Switch if it's available.


The ability to dock and use TV mode, then switch and walk around in tablet mode would be awesome. With the ability to sync to the SD cards, this would make a perfect portable media client. Imagine taking this on vacation with you.


This probably would be the deciding factor for me, cos I own an iPad and have zero plans on using switch on TV mode. The only reason for me to dock would be to watch plex on a big screen tv. Hope the team can give us a hint or something


I'm about 60% sure I'll get a switch, so +1 from me: a Plex App would be great.


+1 indubitably


I would definatly use this app if it'll be released on the Switch!



I just kicked my Nvidia Shield TV to the ground.... that and the subscription for Geforce NOW (worst gaming experience ever...)!

Well, if I could wish something... that would be Plex, Netflix and Kodi for the Nintendo Switch! That would be amazing :)

Nintendo fans love Plex!! hehehehe



Would love to see Plex make an app for Nintendo Switch once or if this ever becomes possible.



I am also a plex user that would absolutely use this app if it ever existed


I will check it tomorrow if it working on the browser :)


nobody have tried yet?


+1 if Nintendo accept to let non gaming app on the Switch a Plex client would be really welcome! (especially with Sync support!)


+1 Bought a switch but the switch has no apps at all currently. Would like to see Plex on there.


+1 I just want to travel with this and forget the laptop behind, but with no Plex app, it looks like I'll be carrying both.


I would say there is a STRONG probability that Plex will place an app on the Switch as soon as they possibly can assuming no roadblocks that are not readily apparent.

It is new and Plex is all about new. It would not surprise me if they pulled resources from somewhere else to get this working.

Given my propensity for getting new streamers I probably will get one of these when Plex puts an app on it. Then I would have something brand new to bitch about and I could give my old bitches some rest for a time. ;)



Make it happen :)


Plex on the Switch (with access to synced content on SD card) would be so awesome.