Brightcove URL Service



I was wondering what the process was to have an existing URL service updated?

Sometime over the past number of months, Brightcove has changed the request url format thus breaking channels using the current service.

I raise this as I would like to dust off a channel I wrote a few years back that makes use of the Brightcove URL service.

The old format looked something like this:'+VideoID+'&playerID='+PlayerID+'&playerKey='+PlayerKey+'&domain=embed&dynamicStreaming=true'

The new format looks like this (with working direct link): value/default_default/index.html?videoId=data-video-id value

Here is example data from's website:


Here is a working direct link:

As best as I can tell (and I could easily be wrong), the first default in default_default is the placeholder for the old player id code. HOWEVER, leaving the player id code out of the direct URL doesn't seem to make any difference in any of the videos I've tried. Thus a simpler URL to process it seems.

Is this something I should be working on and submit it somewhere or does someone from the Plex team take this on?



Hopefully this isn’t too annoying, but I’d like to bump this topic. I’m open to re-writing the URL service myself… but since there might be other channels that rely on the Brightcove service, I don’t want to change/submit something that might break another channel. Plus I would like to get the old channel working again.


@Lexy if it’s a URL Service distributed with Plex, you may want to try submitting a pull request here:

There seems to be some activity there, so there’s a chance they’ll accept it.