Bully-Beagle, Finn!



This handsome little fella is a bulldog-beagle mix that we named Finn because of the white fish fin betweeen his eyes.


Ayup, he's a cute little guy. :smiley:


He is definitely cute, any girlfriends :p


Nope! But he's been neutered, so he doesn't have much interest in that area. :wink:


is it not injustice to them being neutered, just a thought.


Injustice having the sex drive and not being able to live it out. For some dogs this is torture and they spent days howling in front of the door, not eating, etc. if there is a bitch in heat and they cannot get to it.

If you live in a rural area that may be fine, but if you are living in a city or town with multiple dogs around that all come into heat, do your dog a favor and neuter him.