Channel for - Music and video Playback



Does any channels exist for VK. If so, please lead me to the thread...


I am incresingly moving away from Spotify and onto is russian Facebook, so to say. Major difference is that user can upload music and video to the site. I can create playlists and play friends playlist.


Now VK has a client for iPhone, Android, Mac and PC. Mobile clients support Airplay and it really works well. 


Now creating a VK channel for Plex would be a killer. For me just the playback features and stream ability...


I hope someone gets the idea or even has the solution :-)


Best regards H 


it is very good idea, because many people use vk. I hope one developer interested in. Url service will be good to.




If you want to get url service , please download turkportal.bundle from my depo :

all of the bundles are in turkish language. but many films in its original language.

By the way enjoy.

Note: VideoObject url format must be in the following format:


VK is a chrome extension and you can install it on Google to download Spotify to MP3.


VK is not very secure to download videos online. If you are trying to download Spotify music, you can try TunesKit Spotify Music Converter.


that is right, compared to vk, streaming music to spotify is easy, free and much more music. the only provide is that you may not download them for offline listening. So get an spotify to mp3 converter to help you. You can get a much better offline listening experience.