DLNA Shows Album-Artist instad of Artist in the album overview



Hello everyone,
Last week I started using Plex as a replacement of Serviio. I was a very happy user untill I found something strange in the DLNA functionality. It seems that plex is not sending out the proper album information through DLNA, the album-artist of an album is shown as artist in every track on that album. In my case I have a lot of compilation albums where the album-artist is “various artists”. Serviio seems to handle that information well. Also the webinterface of Plex seems to work as expected, but the dlna output unfortunately not.




My Question: can i change this behaviour or is this a bug?


+1 for this, it’s quite an annoying issue. I stream from my iPad using the mconnect app and compilation albums do indeed show various artists instead of the actual artists for the specific track(s).