Feature request: bookmarks


Sometimes a movie has some iconic scenes, or funny scenes that you like watching again and again... It would be great to have the possibility to "bookmark" a certain moment in a movie, and then maybe see this bookmarks list with a thumbnail somewhere in the Plex UI, in the movie extras etc. Bonus feature the possibility to add a title to each bookmarked scene.


I'll second that. I have been hoping to see this feature added for quite a while.


Plex definitely needs a bookmark feature for most if not all of their media types. Audiobooks are the obvious target, allowing multiple bookmarks per book to hit those spots. Movies would benefit too.

Plex's current ability to start where you left off doesn't always work for audiobooks and is applied to all audio formats, which doesn't make as much sense for songs. By having a separate and standalone bookmark feature, Plex becomes far more usable and sophisticated.