[Feature Request] Plexamp: Add currently playing to playlist


I'm digging Plexamp. I would LOVE though if I can add the currently playing item/song to a playlist. I have a very extensive music library and have been building several playlists of my favorite songs by genre/style. When jamming out to music and i come across something i like, i'd like to be able to add it to one of those playlists. When I'm doing something that requires my attention, that's when i put on one of these playlists.


Noted, that sort of “context menu” actions will be added at some point.


Good to see that this feature will come soon!


This would be the final piece of the puzzle. It would complete me!


So one thing I’ve done is create one of the sort-of-smart Plex playlists with my tracks that I have rated say 4 stars or above. Then, when listening to Plexamp, when I song comes up that I really like, I just give it a 4 or 5 star rating, and it ends up being dynamically added to those “smart” ratings based playlist(s). It’s not perfect, but does allow you to add it indirectly,


Brian great workaround! But really need the playlist fuctionality. I even if it means the tiny plexamp window would get a little bigger :slight_smile:


@elan any update on this?


I would love this feature too the radio feature of plexamp is great for rediscovering tracks but I then have to add them to playlists by searching for the track.

Being able to add them directly from plexamp would be great.


I want to emphasise this feature. From my point of view it’s the only thing left. Please make it happen soon!