Music missing after scan



I have found that my plex media server (v1.13.0.5023) does not fully scan the folders and find all my music.
I'm sure this is happening in quite a few folders, but the example I found is the following:
This folder:
.._Artists\David Guetta\Listen Again

has 22 tracks, naming convention:
David Guetta - Listen Again (D1) - 01 - Dangerous (feat. Sam Martin)
David Guetta - Listen Again (D1) - 14 - The Whisperer (feat. Sia)
David Guetta - Listen Again (D2) - 01 - Bang my Head (feat. Sia & Fetty Wap)
David Guetta - Listen Again (D2) - 08 - Bang My Head (Feat. Sia) [Glowinthedark Remix]

plex identifies the first 15 files only. all the "D1" files, and the 1st "D2" file.

No clue why.... scanning, fix metadata, nothing changes it.
Anyone have any idea why this is happening? Or how to fix it?
I'm assuming this occurring in multiple folders that I have not yet manually identified too....



Wrong naming convention. I believe the following information is still valid:


Thanks for that link. I’m on the right track now…
I updated the folder structure to:

So now after re-scanning the library (being able to rescan a single folder would be a nice feature…),
I have 2 occurrences of the album (both called “Listen Again”)

1st occurrence is the same as before: the 14 tracks from disc 1 (track/disc # are correct), and 1st track from disc 2 (track/disc # are correct). The album is listed DISC 1 …14 songs… DIS 2 …1 song…

2nd occurrence now has the additional disc 2 tracks (7 total). They also have the correct track/disc #'s. These are not labeled as being “disc 2”, just TRACKS …7 songs …

any thoughts on what I have going on here?
thanks for the help


Please take a look at the following document. I am afraid you have to use the Plex meta data editor to fix these issues now.

(Alternatively, you could backup and temporarily delete this album from disk, then in Plex, then “Empty Tash”, and finally copy the album back to your music directory and perform a scan of the library)


the backup/delete method did it for me, thanks!