Question about sources and channels.



Is there a difference between Sources and channels in Plex News?

How many channels should I be seeing in Plex News? Currently only have 22 channels.

AJ+, Associated Press, Build, Cheddar, Deutsche Welle in English, Engadget, Euronews, Financial Times, France 24 in English, IGN, LifeMinute TV, The List, Local Now, Mic, Newsy, Reuters, Ruptly in Engish, TechCrunch, TheStreet, Timeline, Tomonews, and Voice of America.

I am not seeing any news from ABC, NBC, or CBS. I am in Evansville IN.

I was behind a VPN and wasn't seeing those channels and thought that the VPN was preventing them from showing up, but I have turned off the VPN and still nothing from ABC, NBC, or CBS. Or any local news as well.