Serenity for Android 1.7.0



It's been a while since the last release.  Starting a new job, and trying to balance work and play has been interesting to say the least.  However, we have some community contributions and there are some performance tweaks in regards to image loading and the way content is fetched from Plex.  The app is migrating to use the Android volley framework and the OkHttp client.  Both should help with performance when communicating with the server.


This release can be found here:


Features and Improvements:

  • Smart Play TV Shows - In TV Show Browser while selecting a Poster or Banner in grid or detail view, pressing play will play the first unwatched episode in that series. (contributed by Alon Albert)

  • New Unwatched Overlay indicator - indicates the number of unwatched shows (contributed by Alon Albert)

  • Migrated RESTful calls to Plex to use Android Volley library.

  • Performance tweaks for image caching and loading.

  • Make use of Square's OkHttp library for network requests.

  • Tweaks to updating the watched status on plex (contributed by Alon Albert)

  • Time of Day option for internal video player, press T on your remote to toggle display of the Time of day while a video is being played (contributed by Alon Albert)

  • Play button can behave like Info button on remotes. Brings up the OSD for the internal video player. (contributed by Alon Albert)



Serenity for Android 1.7.0-M2

More performance tweaks and features.  Including a new Overscan setup activity for devices that need overscan compensation.  Here is a link and full feature list.


  • New Overscan setup screen for devices that don't compensate for overscan. (Alon Albert)
  • Add version number to About dialog
  • Improved watched state while playing videos.
  • Various bug fixes and force close fixes
  • Migrate Seasons retrieval REST calls to use Volley
  • Improve UI responsiveness in Detail view by moving Trailer checking to Handler
  • Migrate TV Show retrieval REST calls to use Volley
  • Request resized images from Plex, improves display of Grid view on 1st generation Google TV devices
  • Configure how FF, REW behave in Settings for internal player.
  • French, German and Spanish translations updated.