Serenity for Android 1.7.4



This is primarily a bug fix release for some issues reported through the Amazon developer console.


This version should be hitting the Google Play and Amazon App stores in a few days after the tires have been kicked a bit.


* Address possible crash when downloading multiple images

* Address possible crash when using sliding menu drawer on Amazon Fire TV in movie browser.


1.7.4-M2 will be coming out probably this weekend.  The main change was to clean up the TV Browser screen.  It was originally designed early on in the app and hasn't gotten much attention in a while.  Below is a picture of the redesign.  It is showing the poster view, and if people prefer the poster view instead of banner as their default for the details, you can select this in the settings, just set "Prefer Posters for Series" in the settings under Video Library, and the detail view for TV Browser will default to Posters instead of banners.

Items that were changed are as follows:

  • Removed the genre descriptions

  • Removed the text for Watched/Unwatched counts

  • Unwatched counts are represented on the Posters so the text counts were redundant.

  • How much you have watched is represented on the posters by the progress bar so watched count was unnecessary.

  • Shift main poster image to the left

  • Align and clean up positioning of the Series Title and the summary.

  • Move the Ratings and Studio information to align with the bottom of the poster.

This brings the view more in line with the Movie and Episode detail views.   Grid view is still available for those with really large collections.  

BTW, in grid view you can bring up Details about a series by using the context menu.   This is either the menu key on your remote if you have configured it to bring up the context menu, or by pressing C, or if you havea remote with RED, Green, Blue, and Yellow buttons, the Red Button on the remote.



1.7.4-M2 is available for download, and 1.7.4a is available on the Google Play store (Amazon is awaiting approval and should be out in a day or so).

These versions include some requested improvements in the UI.  In particular the TV Browser detail screen has been cleaned up.  Posters now have rounded corners.  The internval video player now has Fade In and Fade Out animations.

If there is anything particular from a UI standpoint you think can be improved further, please feel free to let me know.  Keep in mind that animations in general need to be kept to a minimum as many of the devices really slow down when you start adding in animations.

Update: Now available on Amazon App store as well.