Serenity for Android v2.0.0-M3



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This version adds one of the most requested options and why the App gets down voted so much on Amazon Fire TV. UNIVERSAL TRANSCODING SUPPORT is finally here. This is very basic universal transcoding, meaning that seeking within a transcoded video isn't currently supported...and honestly unless the Plex developers document it better, this may be what we get. It also means transcoded videos can't resume from the offset where you last played. However, Serenity will try and determine if it needs to transcode your files. If the container format is an MKV or MP4 it will probably work out of the box. If your device natively supports AC-3, AAC, DTS, and MP3 audio it should play those fine via Direct Play. Direct Played videos have full seeking, and resume functionality.

With version 2.0.0-M3 there should be little need any longer to use an external player like MX Player, but if you prefer to use that or your system is currently setup to use the External Player it will still continue to do so.

This version uses ExoPlayer 2.5 as the internal video player, so should work more consistently across devices. I've been using this version for the last week at home with a few minor problems, but I really need people to kick the tires on this, espeically if you are using a device that is based on Jelly Bean or higher. I've tested this on a Google ADT and Xamoi Mi Box Android TV device, but as long as you have a Remote, Keyboard, or Game Controller this should work on generic android based tv sticks, as well. I do have an Amazon Fire TV device that I will try and test with as well, as since half my paid users are using those devices.

Note that Subtitles still aren't added back in yet, but I hope to get that done in 2.0.0-M4.