understanding ssl for 3rd-party web interfaces



so, i have plexpy + a few other third part
items running, + i’m always seeing *ssl*
options in the preferences/settings, for
almost everything.

i’d like to learn to do this, but i’m honestly
such a noob to this, i don’t even know what
to google for. i’ve read somewhere that
there are free 3rd party signing places (see
how clunky my language is?), but i don’t
know how to even vet that.

i do understand the benefits of ssl. i know
plex is providing that for all(?) plex instances,
but that about as far as what i know.

can anyone point out any handy/helpful tutorials?

thanks in advance—


You wanna use SSL for 3th part ?


3rd party plex “stuff,” yes.


and you wanna know what it do ?


i understand what it does,
i don’t understand how to
go about all of the getting
it to work.


Are you talking about from within a channel to access an outside website via https, or?
And SSL is FYI not recommended. Use TLS 1.1 or higher


hey, @dane22,

thanks for the words.

you’re just a bit beyond what i
understand, but this is for me
dialing in to my server(s)
remotely, so i can access,
(for example), plexpy.

everyone in the thread,
i know there’s a place
that does something like
this called:


BUT, i don’t know
much beyond that.


So you are asking how to develop a website, that use https?

And as a ref, are looking at PlexPy?

If so, that's not related to Plex development, since PlexPy among other sites, that use a separate WebSite, is a standalone website, and as such, your Q would make more sense posting in a forum supporting the website engine you want to use.
And no idea what WebEngine PlexPy use, but you can find the code here

When that's said though, there is one exception to that, AFAIK, of a channel, that use a separate WebSite, but embedded into a channel, and powered by Plex framework, and that's WebTools.
You can find WebTools Code here

But when all that is said, I sadly suspect, that if you are considering to develop something like that, and no disrespect meant here, to start by making a website, make it work, and after that is completed, and gaining programming knowledge, then switch it into https



hey, @dane22—

sorry for the delay.

no, i don’t want to develop a
website (or develop anything),
i want to use pre-packed
ones, like plexpy, but use them
with ssl (or tls).

you know, keeping it plex-related.
as plexpy + other similars are
in the "3rd party” portion of
these forums, i thought i might
have better success getting that
kind of support here.

i already have plexpy running,
i’d just like to stick it behind
some protection. make sense?

i want to take an(some?) existing
existing 3rd-party-plex tools+
add ssl/tls.


Then please ask in the relevant server forum