Universal Transcoder X-Plex Required Options



So it looks like there are several required options for the Universal Transcoder, as I'm a third party developer, I'd like to know what I should replace the following X-Plex options with to make sure everything still works. (I've searched and there is not much public docs on this part)

   .addEncodedQueryParameter("X-Plex-Product", URLEncoder.encode("Plex Web"))
    .addQueryParameter("X-Plex-Version", "2.4.9")
    .addQueryParameter("X-Plex-Client-Identifier", "tll8dnyyw0f")
    .addQueryParameter("X-Plex-Platform", "Opera")
    .addQueryParameter("X-Plex-Platform-Version", "47.0")
    .addQueryParameter("X-Plex-Device", "Linux")
    .addQueryParameter("X-Plex-Device-Name", "Plex Web (Opera)");

If I remove the X-Plex* items the transcoder will return a 400 bad request, but I want to make sure I correctly identify my client to the Plex Media Server when doing the transcoding.