URL Service for Plex URLs



Is there any reason why there isn't (or couldn't be) a URL Service that handles standard app.plex.tv links?

Background: I'm trying to write a channel plugin that is a better, more customizable, "on deck" for TV Series with unwatched episodes. I've been able to build the data that I want to generate, but I've been failing at actually getting the channel to display either a list of Episodes or a list of TVShows that respond correctly to selecting them by taking you to the appropriate Episode or TVShow page.

Would the URL Services be able to build the appropriate object to direct the user to the object page? Or now that I'm thinking about it, I'm guessing that even if it can display all of the metadata and potentially even play the video, it still wouldn't be able to take you to the detail page and also wouldn't mark the video as played for the user... Any chance?