WD Drive setup



Hey guys, debating getting a WD pr-4100. I have a Synology DS-418, but I am thinking it may be time to switch to a NAS that can do Plex and I am getting close to needing to swap this PC out.

Curious about something. OIn the Synology, it has SHR raid, i.e. it is Raid 5, but you can add drives one at a time vs 2 at a time. That is the main feature I like.

I am supposing the WD has to have 2 drives at a time and if you add two then add two more, it is 2 mirrored sets, not 4 drives in raid, correct?

Can those with experience clue me in on how it handles that?




Hi, it’s same as synology, RAID 5, just checked my PR4100 setup now to be sure - says RAID 5 in Volumes setup, so one drive at a time.
If you are talking about expanding capacity, you need to replace all the drives and let it rebuild after each replacement, and then expand the raid to account for new free space - sorry if you already know, just thought it’s worth mentioning.


Thanks guys, really appreciate it, but the stoe I got my 4-bay synology from…when I went to return it to upgrade, gave me all my money back and told me to go ahead and keep the synology so…as irritating as it was, to try to send it back… heh… I really can’t upgrade now, so, going a different path :pensive: