Webhooks error



I have slack team with some webhooks comming in from diffrend application all working fine,
i saw that plex has a webhook feature also, so i create a new webhook url in my slackteam for receiving status update for my account.

i am a plex premium user, enabled webhooks in server settings, and copy/past the webhook url that i have created in my slack team in my user account settings.
but i does not work, i see the error : [0xf1fffb40] WARN - Webhook: Error delivering payload to https://hooks.slack.com/services/******: 500 the https:// url is my slack webhook url, checkt twice !!

did a plex server restart, using the latest version on a sygnology NAS .


nobady ???


Hey @Yorditje ~ I may not be understanding fully, but for it to work with Slack, you need to use https://github.com/plexinc/webhooks-slack as an intermediary between the media server and Slack. The media server is not capable of delivering directly to Slack.


Hey, @elan , thank you for jou answer, i have lookt in to that,
There you need a account on Herocu, if you whant to create the app for plex-slack you have to enter your creditcard information :frowning: , this is not possible for mee …
Is this in de pipeline that the mediaserver cant directle send slack messages with juist entering a slack webhooks url ?
i am no developer zo to “create” the one code te construct the good language/format to send slack webhooks data is not that easy … but i want a way to monitor the activities on my media server …
Or is there a other way to translate plex media status update to slack webhook messages that you can install on a nas device ? Thank you

Update: I have found the PlexPy , nice software !! … (had an Synology installer and Slack notification :smiley: )
So i am good to go…


AFAIK there is a free plan for Heroku, but I might be wrong. We don’t have any plans to hook up the media server directly with Slack, it’s intended to be a neutral vehicle of delivery for these event :smile: